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Weekly Micro Startup Business Challenges

This week's challenge centered on using LinkedIn Marketing. Each week, Kim Beasley and Jerrilynn B. Thomas will co-host a weekly challenge focused on helping micro startup business owners to create and grow a business online.

1. Why should a startup business owner transition their presence from professional to entrepreneurial on LinkedIn?

The number one thing that you should do when transitioning on LinkedIn from a professional to entrepreneur is to concentrate on a company page. And why would someone want to do that? Because you're not an employee anymore. Now you're the owner of your own business in transition and it will be easier for your target buyers to find your business via your company page.

2. What’s the difference between using a LinkedIn profile vs. using a LinkedIn page for a business?

Your LinkedIn profile talks about you. It shares where you've worked, what your skills are, your personal evolution and more. Whereas your LinkedIn company page, markets your business, shines a spotlight on your individual products and services, lists who works for you and so much more. You can post videos, photos, PDFs, podcasts, contests, etc., to engage with the followers of your LinkedIn Company Page while upping your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

3. Why is LinkedIn Live important for #startup #business #owners to build their brand online?

It allows new startup businesses to put a face and voice to the owner of the company along with other people in leadership. The team is able to demonstrate how to use their products and services, highlight clients, promote upcoming events and so much more. They can interview employees, give virtual tours, highlight their community spirit, etc. and integrate with their LinkedIn marketing efforts.

4. How can you promote your LinkedIn company page to grow followers?

Start by sharing your page once it goes live as part of your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Add the link to your LinkedIn profile, letterhead, newsletter, and email signature. Post to your LinkedIn company page instead of profile at least three times a day. Then share the link to the post in your LinkedIn feed. Share the link in your groups and offer to follow other members’ pages in exchange for them liking and following yours. Include the link on your business cards. Have your employees share the link at least once a day in their feed.

5. Why should you use LinkedIn publishing platform to build brand recognition?

LinkedIn has over 700 million users. Content published on its publishing platform can be viewed by anyone with a LinkedIn account. It is also indexed by the search engines. You can write expert content, fun content that highlights your interests, spotlight employees and clients, and so much more to drive engagement with your target audience.

Final thoughts about LinkedIn Marketing

As you implement our LinkedIn marketing suggestions for your business, we would love for you to reach out to use and let us know how things are going. Connect with us: LinkedIn Group, LinkedIn Page, Twitter or reach out to us via our contact form.

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