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Do you want to start a passion-based business but struggle with deciding which passion will work best as a side hustle? Join the club! Many passion-based business owners experiment with a few interests before making a final decision.

What’s your first step? Rather than go into your head about all your interests, Brandi Heather, author of Return to Play, suggests the following,  “think about the last time you had so much fun doing something you lost track of time” 

In other words you were so immersed in a passion-based project that hours passed before you looked at a clock. 

For me, I often lose track of time when planting flowers in my garden, practicing tennis, cooking a meal or starting to read a book I really enjoy. While these interests are passions, none of them would work as a side hustle.


Each interest mentioned above lacks one important ingredient for a passion-based business. I don’t want to be known as an expert in any of these areas.  

Even as I write this article, telling a story that educates you about something is what I enjoy most. It also happens to be something I’m known for doing well. The combination of these is my “secret sauce.” 

When you start a passion-based business based on something you want to be known for, something magical happens. People start asking you to help them solve problems that in some way relate to what you do. Eventually, this leads to getting business on purpose vs. by chance. 

Does getting business on purpose sound interesting to you?

How to Move Forward with your Passion-Based Business

How do you decide which interest will make a strong passion-based business? As you consider what type of passion-based business you want to start, consider answering these two questions:.

  • What do you enjoy doing most?
  • What are you known for as an expert?

Next, start making a couple of lists:

  • ✅ Make a list of problems people ask you to solve.
  • ✅ Highlight which people on this list represent your “ideal client (the people who you enjoy helping most).”
  • ✅ Create a separate list of things you do well.
  • ✅ Highlight which things you enjoy doing most.
  • ✅ Play “connect the dots” between the two lists.

After you complete this activity, it’s time to package your expertise in ways that targets the people who want your help.

How do you know what people want? 

The easiest way to answer this question is to reach out, connect with people who have asked you for advice and ask questions about how you can help–then listen with compassion. 

When you listen to people’s responses, remember this tip:

Whenever people share the emotions they experience, you know you're getting closer to landing on the right passion-based business. It’s also your cue to create a compelling offer targeted to their exact needs.

Sometimes, people who respect your expertise may ask you to help them solve a problem you hadn’t considered solving. This is good news! It might be your opportunity to enhance your passion-based business to include new “versions” of your offer.

This helps you easily develop new offers that lead to more business you want on purpose vs. by accident.

In conclusion, when you start a passion-based business it’s okay to have many passions. What prevents you from starting a side hustle is resisting the step to narrow those passions down into problems you want to solve for people who know, like and respect you. 

One final thought about starting a passion-based business

Your deepest desires about what you want to do now, are passion-based businesses waiting to be realized.

If you have questions or need assistance implementing these suggestions, feel free to reach out via the contact form.

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