How To Organize Google Drive To Increase Productivity

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So you are a micro startup business owner (side-hustler) and you want to learn how to organize Google Drive to increase your productivity? Well, we have a few tips for you that can help you get started and stay organized. Keep in mind that the best way to increase productivity is to take action. By taking action, you are ensuring that your productivity is affected in a positive way.

Also, when you say Google Drive it incorporates other Google products such as Sheets, Slides, Forms, Docs, Slides, and so much more. Each of these can be housed in Drive so that you can be more productive as you easily manage your files. Another thing to keep in mind is that Google personal accounts are free & owned by individual users. Whereas Google Workspaces is owned by a business with the highest control over all accounts.

Keep in mind that there are multiple versions of Google accounts.

  • Personal: free and paid (Google One)
  • Educational: Google Classroom
  • Organizational: Google Workspaces

Each level has different administrative access to Google Products. If you have a business that needs to control full-access to Google Products for you and your team, then Google Workspaces is a great place to start. At the writing of this blog post, the monthly fee starts at $6/user/month.

Why organize Google drive?

If you have chosen to use Google products in your business, then you are already on your way to being productive. Mainly because you can access your file in the “cloud” or online from any device or computer.

Many years ago, we made the decision to invest in the paid version of Google product which is now called Google Workspaces. Since we work with major corporations, it was required for our business to use more than just the personal access to Google products. It was the best decision we made to switch because our productivity increased.

As a Google Workspace owner, we can use a Shared Drive to organize our files and folders. In the Shared Drive, we create special folders for our clients with controlled access given to specific individuals. If you work with special projects, you can create special folders for each project you're working on and give access to only those individuals who are working on a given project.

When team members are added, they are given an email address via our company’s domain that's managed by Google Workspaces. This way, all of the work they do using Google Products is done under our domain and we own it. So if they leave, we will retain ownership and we can just change the password and they will no longer have access.

How does organizing Google Drive help your productivity?

Organize Google Drive

Great question! So let’s dive into 15 examples of how your productivity can be increased when you organize Google Drive using Google Workspaces.

  1. Share Files But Control Access. As previously mentioned, when you're using Google Workspaces, you have full control of how your files are shared and who they are shared with. Which means you can give rights to your files for people to be a Manager, Editor, or Viewer.
  2. Use Folder & Sub-Folders system for team and clients. We've found using folders and sub-folders has been the best way to organize our files in Drive. For example, we have a folder for Potential Clients where we create sub-folders for each potential client. Once they become a client, then we create a main folder for them and all of the files associated with the client are now stored there.

  3. Use Google Drive to Send Large Attachments via Folders.
    Have you ever tried to send a file via email and realize it's too big? Well, Drive allows you to send large files directly from Drive via your email to recipients. You would use the Share feature by right-clicking
  4. Use Voice Typing in Docs. This is an easy way to organize your thoughts. Open a Google Doc, turn on voice typing and start talking. Just a side note, this feature is only available in Chrome browsers.
  5. Color Code or add image to Your Folders. Just right-click a folder in your Drive and choose the color you want to change it to. Note, this can only be done in your My Drive. For Shared Drive, you can right-click and choose to change the theme or folder image. There are options in a picture gallery or you can upload an image.
  6. Attach a File to a Google Calendar Event. Have you wanted to attach an agenda to a meeting you’ve scheduled in your Calendar? Well you can easily add attachments to your calendar events. You can add documents, spreadsheets, and other files directly to an event so that your guests have all the information they need right from the event.
  7. Pick How You Sort Your Folders and Files. Regardless of how your Drive displays your files, you can sort them in multiple ways. According to Google Drive, when you reorder your files, you can view them as a list, a grid or even recently edited files. 
  8. Assign Tasks to Others via Comments in Docs. You can easily use comments and action items to assign tasks to others. Just by using “@” and then mentioning someone’s name who has access to your files, then you can assign a task to them.
  9. Search for Images or PDFs Using Keywords. One of the things my team loves is that you can’t truly lose anything in Google Drive. Because Drive makes it really simple to search and find things like images or PDFs just by using a keyword.
  10. Use Advanced Search in Drive. And following up being able to search Drive, there are actually Advanced Search filters that will make it even easier to find files. FYI, this is an extension of the regular search feature.
  11. Keep Track of Google Drive Activity and File Versions. If you need to be able to track the activity for your files in Drive, then you have that option available. You can track all of the activity and file versions for all files stored in your Drive.
  12. Preview Documents to Scan Them Quickly. Have you just wanted to quickly see what’s in a file without having to open it? Then when you are Drive, single-click a file, then on the navigation bar at the top, click the “eye”. By clicking the “eye” you will be able to preview the document without opening it.
  13. Translate Documents to Other Languages. Google has even made it easy for you to translate documents or write in a different language. It’s just another way that you are able to use Google products to communicate with others who don’t speak your language.
  14. Use Your Phone to Save Files and Images to Google Drive. Remember we mentioned you could access Drive from anywhere. Well, if you create files or images via your phone, you can easily add them to your Google Drive. Just make sure you have the Drive app installed on your phone.
  15. Conduct Research or Explore Words Within a File. As you are creating Docs, sometimes you just need to do research or explore words so you can finish writing the doc. This happens a lot when we are creating our blog posts in Google Docs before adding them to our website. Google Docs allows you to see and use suggested content in your document as you work.

Final thought about why you need to organize Google Drive

We have had so much fun compiling all of these tips that will help you organize Google Drive. Each of the tips are easy to implement and we hope you've enjoyed increasing your productivity. If you have questions or need our services to help you get organized, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form.

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