Finding A Powerful Podcast Show Topic To Make It Standout

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As a startup business owner, figuring out a podcast show topic can be overwhelming. However, we want to make it easy for you so we will share a few tips that can help you figure out your podcast show topic.

According to, “Whatever podcast topic you choose, it needs to meet some basic criteria; after all, you'll potentially record hundreds of episodes on your show's subject matter, so you want to choose wisely.” With this in mind, let's start the process of figuring out your topic.

Getting started with picking a podcast show topic

We've done the research and found the best tips that can help you pick your topic. Below are the simple steps that can help you be successful in finding a subject to discuss on your podcast.

  • Start with what you know. Create a list of 20 topics you are comfortable discussing. Then fine-tune the list until you can come up with 5 topics that are at the top of the list. Make sure you have an interest and passion in the subjects because that passion will help bring your podcast alive.
  • Now you are ready to research your topics. Use or or Google Trends to research your lists of topics to check out the results. When you use Google, there's a section called “People also ask” and this is where you can find additional questions about your topic. This section is a great place to find titles for episodes that tie into your topic.
  • Niche your podcast show topic. This means that you should make it narrow and not broad when you are defining the topic for your target listeners. By niching down, it will help your show stand out from the crowd. For instance, instead of creating a podcast for just entrepreneurs, our podcast is Creative Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast.
  • Create a podcast strategy for your show. This means that you purposefully take the time to determine what you will include in your show, how you will host it, how you will reach your target listeners, and so much more. Your strategy is your blueprint to growing your podcast and keeping it going. If you need help creating a strategy, please reach out to us via our contact form.
  • Create a guest management process. Being able to have a special way you handle all of your guests is essential to a smooth process for recording your guest interviews. Once you have a guest agree to be interviewed, you can appear more professional if you send them a follow-up email with details about the interview and how it will flow. We use Calendly to allow guests to schedule their own time for the interview that will fit into our available schedule.

Wow, what a list that's packed full of a lot of resources and tips. Once you have determined your podcast show topic, please come back to this post and share your results. We love hearing from our readers about their progress.

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