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startup business resource - kim beasley - introvert entreprneur

Kim Beasley is the author of Your Passionate Business (YPB) and she is an introvert entrepreneur coach. In YPB, she shares her 4-step process that will help you get started with figuring out the business you want to start, which is centered on something you are passionate about.

The 4-step process used in YPB is a proven and easy way that helps you identify how to move forward in starting your own business. Kim uses this very process to create all of her streams of income because it's easy to use and concise.

She also desires to help introvert entrepreneurs those who want to start a business, learn how to create a business based on something their passionate about, and then to grow it online. YPB centers on helping you identify what you are passionate about and then turning it into a business you can monetize.


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