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ebook-passionate-MEDIf you haven’t heard about the “Your Passionate Business” Starter Kit, then let me help you understand what it’s all about. The focus of the ebook is to help displaced workers to learn how to create a business based on a skill that you are passionate about. A displaced worker is someone who has been fired, laid off or forced into early retirement.

Some of the other things that you receive with the ebook are:

  • How to Twitter eBook
  • How to Facebook eBook
  • How to hire a Virtual Assistant
  • How to hire a Graphic Designer

What you get out of “Your Passionate Business” Starter Kit is information that can help you not only create a new business, but, also gives you tools to be successful. This ebook is short enough that you can read it in one sitting and complete the tasks associated with each section so that you can create a business.

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