Would you trade your Mentor for a Personal Board of Directors?

This is a good article that compares the options of having a mentor versus having a personal Board of Directors. You can have just one person to get feedback from, ideas and advice or you can have a group of people that will give you more options. What are you thoughts about the pros and cons between the two?

According to Jessica Stillman on cbsnews.com:

Should You Trade Your Mentor for a Personal Board of Directors?

Like avocado appliances and Friendster, mentoring is well and truly over according to career coach Priscilla Claman. On the HBR’s Conversation blog recently Claman claims that the changing nature of the career track for mid and high-level managers makes being identified with a single mentor counter-productive.

Middle- and senior-level managers are no longer the ones with stable jobs. With changes in direction, restructuring, downsizing, acquisitions, mergers and, of course, recessions, your mentor is just as likely to move on or be laid off as you are. And if you are considered your mentor’s special protégé, you’ll most likely lose your job when she does.

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