Will Supreme Court affect the way you do business?

This is a really interesting article that discusses several lawsuits that involve receiving a decision from the Supreme Court. The decisions that the Supreme Court decide on may change the way that you do business. Depending on your business, this could have a positive or negative effect. Do you think it will change the way you do business? What are you thoughts about this article?

According to Sean Silverthorne on cbsnews.com:

How the New Supreme Court Could Change the Way You Do Business

Welcome to First Monday, the day when the new U.S. Supreme Court begins its term. This edition of the Court is marked by the absence of retiring Justice John Paul Stevens and the addition of Harvard’s Elena Kagan.

Two cases this term have the potential to remake a bit of the business landscape, and you should be paying attention. Several other business-related cases are also worth noting:

Costco Wholesale Corp. v. Omega S.A.

If you are a reseller, you want to keep an eye on this case. The question in play is whether Omega can prevent Costco from reselling Omega watches made in another country, so-called gray market sales, under the Copyright Act. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found for Omega, ruling that when the first sale happens abroad, copyright claims can be used to bar a resale. Depending on how broadly the Supremes construe the Copyright Act, the result could have a large impact on resellers such as eBay, the huge IT gray market, and even on Netflix and other DVD rental companies, according to legal eagles.

Read more about these case at www.cbsnews.com.

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