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BlogTalkRadio Interview: Michele Dekinder-Smith

Want to learn how to determine your business owner type? Then you definitely should listen in to the BlogTalkRadio interview with Michele DeKinder-Smith, Founder & CEO of Jane Out of the Box. She will be the special guest on Your Passionate Business BlogTalkRadio show on September 2 at 7pm CT/8pm ET.

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Business Tips: Looking For a Mentor

In the process of creating your business, one of the key things that you should put in place as soon as possible is a mentor. The responsibilities of a mentor include providing you with guidance and being a sounding board for your ideas.

According to, a mentor is “a trusted counselor or guide”.

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Starting A Business During The Recession

As many have begun realizing, starting a business during the recession is a good idea. No, I’m not crazy and no, I don’t have my head stuck in the sand. Don’t give up your hope of being a business owner because of the recession. Be bold and believe in yourself  …

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Celebrating International Networking Week

Did you know that February 1 – 5, 2010, is International Networking Week? As a business owner, I want to encourage you to spend time this week to network with others via social media websites. In doing this, you just might find new clients, new business associates or even potential joint venture business owners.

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6 Basic Tips For Startup Business Owners

In starting your business, there are a few things that can be very helpful to you as you develop your business management process so that it can flow smoothly. The 7 basic tips below will help you build a solid foundation for your start-up business.

  • Create a strategy plan that will help you develop your business and create objectives or goals that you want to reach within your business.

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