BlogTalkRadio Interview with Kim Beasley about Social Media

Using social media in your business is becoming a daily requirement to grow your business. In order to do this, time and effort is required on the part of the business owner to implement a website social media plan that is effective. Although it may require a lot of time in the beginning to setup the plan, once the plan is in place, it can become part of your daily routine.

Recently, Jerrilynn Thomas interviewed Kim Beasley on their co-hosted show, Reinvent Your Business on the BlogTalkRadio network. Jerrilynn put Kim on the hot seat regarding social media and how business owners can use it to grow their business.

One of the questions asked was, “What is social media and why should a business owner implement it?”

Social media is the process of connecting with others and sharing information via websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn (to name a few).

The audio below is the actual interview that you can listen to and learn more about social media and how to implement as part of your business processes.


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