BlogTalkRadio Interview: Michele Dekinder-Smith

Want to learn how to determine your business owner type? Then you definitely should listen in to the BlogTalkRadio interview with Michele DeKinder-Smith, Founder & CEO of Jane Out of the Box. She will be the special guest on Your Passionate Business BlogTalkRadio show on September 2 at 7pm CT/8pm ET.

Michele brought her passion for entrepreneurship and extensive research experience together to create Jane Out of the Box ( The company conducts research for and about women business owners in order to help more women become successful on their own terms. Michele’s first company, Linkage Research & Consulting, was the inspiration for her starting Jane Out the Box. Having grown it into over a million dollars in revenue, she wanted to help other women create the wealth and the lifestyles they deserve.

Michele is a 20 year + seasoned researcher that has specialized in marketing, consumer and business research. Jane Out of the Box’s understanding of female entrepreneurs is used to educate and influence large corporations and government agencies who create products and services for women business owners as well as those who hire women through diversity programs. By participating in a Jane Out of the Box research project, female entrepreneurs can make sure their voice is heard by these organizations. Find out how Jane Out the Box’s events, consultations and more can help your woman owned business thrive by tuning in for Michele’s interview with Your Passionate BlogTalk radio show host Kim Beasley on September 2 at 8 PM Eastern.

Your Passionate Business BlogTalk radio show is your source for information to reinvent and compete in 2010. Special guests share their ideas on how to thrive in a changing economy along with how you can collaborate with them to grow your client base in 2010. You will learn from entrepreneurs in the field of business development, PR and marketing, coaching, sales, HR, tech and more. Visit to listen to Michele DeKinder-Smith interview as well as future interviews with other guests.

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