About YPB to Start Business on Budget

start business on budgetHello and welcome to “Your Passionate Business” (YPB) where we believe in investing in you as you start business on budget. My name is Kim Beasley and I am the author of the book “Your Passionate Business” and the creator of this website.

About the book and how to start business on budget

Early in life, I believed that making a difference in the lives of others was very important. Even when I experienced hardships in my life, I determined that these hardships wouldn’t stop me from achieving my dreams of creating a business.

One of the things that I am passionate about is helping people create their own business and making it successful even if they have to start business on budget. Realizing that there are foundational business truths that should be taught to business owners, so I tasked myself with developing a “system”.

This system is called Your Passionate Business (YPB) which helps new business owners or those who want to start their own business but don’t know where to start. Key to your success with the Your Passionate Business Starter Kit is that you “follow through” with completing the tasks and reading the information. As you apply this information to your new business, you will learn that having a business that you are passionate about is the best way to develop a business!

You will receive the following in the starter kit as an immediate download which can help you start business on budget:

  • Your Passionate Business ebook (electronic download)
  • Your Passionate Business workbook (electronic download)
  • Freebies:
    • Twitter Book for business owners (electronic download)
    • How to Hire a Virtual Assistant ebook (electronic download)
    • How to Hire a Graphic Designer (electronic download)
    • Social Media Roadmap starter kit (electronic download)

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